My name is Ala Khonikava. I am from White-Russia. In my motherland I graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts. I have been living in The Netherlands for more than a decade. It is the land of amazing but sorrow landscapes and happy smiling people. 

I work in my studio in Meppel on different projects. My art is of impressionistic style.       

Landscapes play the main role in my work: the natural shapes and lines of trees, the rhythm of reed and branches, sharp contrasts of the sky and field, playing with light and shadow. I can be touched by simple things in the nature like an autumn leaf or a stone with a special pattern on it.  

Through my art I would like to give a structure- and colour accent to an interior, to make a beautiful living space.  However, an art piece must touch your heart: make you look around in a different way, and to see unnoticed things such as a playfulness of a ray of light  between reed stalks.